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The Relax the Bath story...
Relax the Bath™ started from humble beginnings as I decided that relaxing from stress was absolutely necessary. Side effects from one medication, resulted in my physician deciding that another prescription was in order. I opted to look for other alternatives to relax and obtain some much needed sleep. The idea of warm baths, bubbles, oils and relaxing in the tub without distractions appealed to me more than pills.  So, with a lot of research, I started to work and discovered ways to reduce my stress. 

As I saw friends go through their own stress, I began to send them some of my items that I made out of love.  With just a handful of formulations and ideas, this quickly evolved into a shared experience with more friends and family.  Eventually word of mouth took hold, with them sharing my items that I had given them.  

One friend in particular encouraged me to begin selling my products. I was rather reluctant to, however as we began corresponding through Facebook, while another friend was also speaking to me about it as well. I started to look at the amount of money I was spending monthly just to share the items that I was creating. The expenses were much higher than I imagined and people were trying to pay me all a long. Reluctantly, I began to accept money. Later on, I started selling in a small shop locally with sales climbing higher than I ever imagined, building a loyal customer base

Now Relax the Bath is my life's work and my obsession.  

What started out in my kitchen six years ago has now moved to an entire formulation studio where formulations are created from the finest butters, oils and ingredients that are sourced from around the globe.

We are, growing quickly and picking up speed!  We continue to offer new products for skincare, bath, beauty, anti-aging, and aromatherapy that rival the biggest names out there at an affordable price.  We're incredibly proud of what we do and excited to share this all with you!

We can keep tight control over our formulations and quality control.  Each batch is made by hand to very specific protocols to achieve some of the best products you will ever try.  We value our customers, and the word of mouth they give!  

Whether it is to relax the bath, energize the shower, find your signature fragrance, or discover your perfect skincare needs Relax the Bath has you covered from head to toe.  

You deserve to love your skin daily, the Relax the Bath way.™

Thank you for trusting us with your skincare needs. 

Denise Mendenhall
Formulator / Owner
Relax the Bath, LLC